Camping Information

Opening Hours

Thursday 7th August - From 13.00 until 00.00. Festival Arena opens at approximately 18.00

Friday 8th & Saturday 9th August - Entry to campsite closes at 00.00. If you arrive after this, you will no the able to enter camping areas until 08.00 the following morning.

Where to park:

If you decide to bring your own car, parking is free but you need one parking pass per vehicle to direct you to the parking zone nearest to where you are camping. Please help everyone by bringing a full complement of passengers.

General Zone - red – tents only
Family Zone - green – families in tents only
Quiet Zone - yellow – quiet persons in tents only - no music
Caravan & Camper Van Zone - blue – to access this zone, you also need to have bought a separate campervan/caravan parking pass @ £50* or campervan/caravan electrical hook-up and parking pass @ £130*; both are available through ticket agents
Disabled Zone – orange - cars, camper vans and tents
Day Visitors - striped

If you are bringing a vehicle, you will receive 1 parking pass vehicle which enables us to park you as close as possible to your selected campsite. Remember - you will have to carry your camping gear at least a few hundred yards - please bear this in mind when you pack. Non-camping day visitors will be issued with a striped parking pass. Say hello to your neighbours to build a community feeling and provide greater security. Pitch your tents with guy ropes one metre from neighbours, stick to allocated pitching areas and avoid fire lanes.

NO CAMPING IN PARKING AREAS. NO CARS TO BE DRIVEN IN CAMPING AREAS with the exception of the disabled camping zone (If you are disabled, please show the main ticket checkpoint staff your normal disabled car badge as well as your orange parking pass and you will be directed to the correct zone).


Campervans & caravans: you need to buy a £50 ticket or a £130 ticket which includes electrical hook-up (plus postage and booking fee) to bring a vehicle to this area; it is valid for one campervan, or one car/caravan/factory-made trailer-tent only.  You also need a blue windscreen hanger. A campervan must have fitted sleeping and fitted cooking or washing facilities –standard vans, horseboxes  without factory fitted living accommodation  etc. will be refused entry and sent on to car parks where no sleeping in vehicles is allowed and tickets will not be refunded. This ticket allows you a 7 x 7 metre space – if you need more (ie. for a Winnebago) you will need to buy two tickets; no generators are allowed and there is no electric hook-up. Only cars attached to caravans may be parked here. If you buy a ticket for a car to park on its own here, you will be sent on to one of the standard car parks.

Cosy Campers: We are pleased to say that the Cosy Camper store is appearing again as our affiliated camping goods provider. The Cosy Camper has been a fixture of Bella from the early days so they understand our camping needs and provide a wide range of camping goods and accessories in bright and funky colours to accommodate these.

Surviving Bella

Amplified music:  No amplified music will be allowed in the camp sites between 11.00 PM and 9.00 AM

Antisocial behaviour: A zero tolerance policy towards aggressive or anti-social behaviour will be enforced.

Children: If you have lost a child, please inform a steward or the festival office. In the event of a child being lost, the delivery/pick-up point will be the festival welfare office. Please take extra care of children on steps, near water courses or standing water – and in the auditorium areas close to the stage, especially if they are on your shoulders!. All persons under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Tickets for children 12 & under are free. Children are the responsibility of parents at all times.

Disabled: There will be disabled platforms at most stages and there is disabled access to all areas of the festival (see above for disabled camping). See the page on disabled facilities under the Vital Info drop-down menu.

Drinking Water/ Toilets: There will be plenty of clearly marked drinking water points around the festival and camp site. The toilets in the festival site will be available to campers (please use them rather than anywhere else!).

Fires: No camp fires will be allowed. There will be a communal camp fire lit each evening.

Gas Cookers, BBQs and Camping Gas stoves are allowed but only if operated according to strict guidelines: do not use any cookers inside a tent or near the entrance – use them outside your tent and well away from your own and other tents; wait until gas cylinders are completely empty before changing them and do not change them in a tent; turn the appliance off after use; no naked flames inside a tent. Gas cookers insider camper vans and caravans should be safety tested and gas cylinders kept outside the van which should contain a fully charged water or dry power fire extinguisher. Go to for further information on safety.

Getting Ready: Don’t forget your: ticket, parking pass, warm & waterproof clothing, original photo ID with date of birth  (if you are aged 7 - 25), and any vital medication 
Only bring what items of value you can carry securely or afford to lose – tents are impossible to make secure
Credit Cards and Mobiles: Leave a note of credit card numbers at home to make cancellation easy; carry your mobile number with you so you can use someone else’s to block it if you lose it.
Only bring essential ones; know where your spare car key is.
Remember when packing, you will have to carry your stuff to your camp site. There will be a camping store on site.
If you are arriving in a car, display your parking pass prominently.

Hazards:  Take care on uneven ground; most of the site is farmland - Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration - - Don’t climb trees - Beware of traffic servicing the festival site. There is a burn running around the rear of the festival site and depending on prior weather conditions, water can lie in a lochan near the camping area. Parents with small children will need to be vigilant in these areas. Please stay clear of all fenced off buildings - they are fenced off because they are dangerous or out-of-bounds.

Litter - Keep Bella Bella! Please dispose of your litter in the bags provided and place the bags in designated rubbish areas in the camping sites; and please try to use the recycling opportunities provided. Please help us by bringing as little packaging as possible. Crisp packets, carrier bags and light rubbish causes the worst litter problems.

Our Neighbours:  Please do everything you can not to disturb our neighbours.

do not enter the gardens or premises of any houses.

do not make any unnecessary noise or disturbance.

stay within the parking, camping and festival areas when at the festival, especially during the hours of darkness.

help our neighbours and other campers at night by not playing amplified music or causing a disturbance at the campsite

Shops/ Food outlets at the event: There will be a camping supplies store at the festival and food outlets in the camping areas.

Weather: This is an outdoor festival. Please bring warm waterproof clothing, head and footwear, and something waterproof to sit on, AND ensure your tent is waterproof. Please also bring sunscreen and anti-midge

What Can Be Taken, And Where!

NO GLASS WILL BE ALLOWED ANYWHERE AT THE EVENT : there will be decanting points outside the campsites where plastic bottles can be bought but you would be better advised to avoid bringing glass in the first place
· No animals or fireworks will be allowed anywhere in the event; failure to observe this will result in expulsion
· Food and alcohol may be brought into the camp sites from outside the event. (except that under 18s may not bring alcohol into any part of the event)
· Alcohol may not be brought into the festival arena site from the campsites. Alcohol bought inside the festival arena may not be brought out into the camp sites due to licensing laws; food may be brought in and out of the festival arena.
· To prevent delays at the gates, please observe these rules and decant any drinks held in glass bottles into plastic ones before arrival or avoid glass altogether when buying drinks for the event. Alternatively, there will be decanting stations at main entrances
· The village of Beauly, which is two miles from the festival, has small supermarkets and food outlets which are open late. 
· Subject to a licence being granted, bars will operate within the festival enclosures as will food outlets.
· Stewards and security personnel will conduct gate checks at all entrances and spot checks during the event; your bags, clothing and vehicle (camper/ caravans) may be subject to search on arrival.
- If you are in possession of illegal substances,. you may be arrested.

Checklist of what can/can’t be taken into and out of areas of the festival

Not allowed anywhere into the campsite, parking areas or festival: glass; animals; fireworks; weapons; illegal substances

Not allowed into the festival arena only: alcohol (umbrellas, food and seating within reason may be taken into the festival area);

Not allowed to be taken out of festival arena: alcohol bought from festival bars; food bought in the festival arena may be taken back into the campsites .


Belladrum Estate and the organisers of the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival take no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or private property during the festival. This includes instances where vehicles are stuck or broken down and are towed with your consent. Please keep your property safe at all times. All tickets are sold subject to Highland Council granting a licence and to changes in the bill and order of play. In the event of extreme weather, the organisers reserve the right to cancel the event and refund tickets. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person. In that event, a refund of the ticket price will be made. The running of this festival is governed by strict guidelines laid down by the Health & Safety Executive and enacted by Highland Council, the Police and Emergency Services. Personal risk & theft: You use the venue at your own risk. The promoter shall disclaim liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the promoter, its servants or agents or any person whilst entering or leaving the venue. The promoter shall not be responsible for death, injury, disease or loss caused to any person or to his servant or agent at the venue. The promoter will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies in any information published with regard to the event. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Scotland and the Scottish courts have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of dispute.