Campervans and Caravans


We are really looking forward to welcoming you to Bella 2017. Here is some guidance about your stay with us.


  • Hang your blue windscreen hanger on your rear view mirror or place it on your dashboard and have your campervan/caravan ticket ready before you arrive
  • From the A833 main road, follow the festival signage, turning into Belladrum at the main festival entrance at the gate lodge. Continue to follow the festival signage for the caravan/campervan field (colour coded blue).

On arrival at the field you will be directed to one of two entrances. When you have pulled off the road into the field, parking staff will:

  1. a) check your campervan/caravan ticket and hook-up ticket if you have one
  2. b) direct you to the appropriate area in which to park (if you are not an electric hook-up, please tell them whether you want to go to the quiet, family or general area)
  • If you wish to be parked together or in a group please arrive together, due to the volume of traffic we are unable to reserve or save spaces.
  • When you have parked up, go immediately to the box office and exchange your event tickets for wristbands even if you do not intend to enter the arena at this point. You must have tickets to the event as well as your campervan/caravan ticket


Drop & Leave

  • If you intend dropping a caravan and removing your car, please be aware that you may not be able to bring your car back into the campervan/caravan area. So bring everything and everyone you need to with you when you arrive. Going back for stuff may be a problem if you want to park back in the same place.
  • If the area is busy or ground conditions are poor, vehicle movements will be restricted. If you are taking your vehicle out of the area, you will be notified by gate staff if it is unlikely that your vehicle will be allowed back in. This will mean that if you leave, you have to park in one of the other car parks and walk back to campervan/caravans.
  • If you decide to drop your caravan/campervan and leave, but don’t collect your wristbands, you will have to park in the general parking and collect your wristbands from the main box office, which is a long walk around the perimeter of the site. There will be no access without your wristbands to the festival arena.
  • No parking or dropping off is allowed just outside the Campervan/Caravan field or close to the residential area near the exit onto the A833



  • No generators are allowed to operate
  • You must stay within your 10 x 7 metre pitch and any structure within it must be 3m in total from any structure on your neighbours’ pitches. No sleeping in tents is allowed in this area
  • There are tanks into which you can empty waste. Please do not empty into the burn!
  • People from other camping areas are able to visit you


Stuff we can’t accept

  • Glass, animals, fireworks, loud music after midnight, any music in the quiet area, bicycles or motorbikes, and generators



  • The busiest times for leaving are on the Sunday morning from around 0900 onwards. If you want to avoid the queues, please leave at another time.
  • If vehicles are being readmitted, no vehicle that leaves after midnight will be readmitted until 0800 the following morning.


And please

  • Be careful when you’re cooking with gas.
  • Don’t drink and drive. If you’re worried at all that you may be over the limit, leave your vehicle and take a bus or a taxi and come back to collect your vehicle the next day
  • Look after our farm and take your rubbish away with you. Or if you cant do that, at least bag it up and put it at a litter point.