Trader Concessions Applications

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully.

Once you have read through them you will be able to download the form.

Cancellation: In the unlikely event of the festival being cancelled, we will try to let you know as early as possible. The promoter will not be held  liable for any costs that you have incurred in connection with the festival.

Camping:  A maximum of one small 2 man tent will be permitted to be erected on your pitch for security purposes.  This tent must be kept within a  safe distance of vehicles on your pitch and must be accounted for in your overall pitch size request.  No camping will be permitted in the trader car  park either in tents or in cars or campervans.  Any tents must be pitched in the public camping areas and campervans in the public campervan field  for which you need a ticket.

Pitch Spec:  All trader pitches will be marked out in full to show your overall trading area.  Traders must keep within these marked lines.  Any space  beside or behind your pitch that is undesignated will be left free for fire/access purposes and must not be occupied.  Skips and generators located  near your pitch will all require servicing during the event and if access is blocked, all traders in that block will be asked to cease trading until the  appropriate fire and access routes are cleared.  If you turn up on the day and your pitch does not fit in the space you requested, the festival  withholds the right to refuse access and not refund any monies paid.

Trading Structure:  Your trading structure must be a catering trailer, marquee or gazebo. No trading from domestic camping tents will be  permitted. Any unusual trading structures must be declared and cleared by festival management upon application.  Once your application has been  accepted, you will not be permitted to change trading structure without prior agreement from festival management.

Power:  To comply with health and safety requirements, no generators may be brought on site for your own use.  If you require power, it must be  ordered and paid for in advance from the festival. If any trader is found to be pulling more power onsite than they requested, the festival reserves  the right to withdraw that power supply and/or charge for additional power as appropriate.

Waste Management/Recycling:  All traders must remove all waste from their stand before departure and leave your pitch as you found it.  Failure  to do so will mean that an application to attend the event in future years will be refused.  Caterers must remove all their own waste oil from the  site and not attempt to dispose of onsite by pouring into the ground or any other receptacles on site.

Onsite inspections:  All traders will be subject to inspection by the festival health and safety team and/or Highland Council Licensing officials  (environmental health, fire & rescue, building standards) at any time.  All traders must co‐operate in these inspections.   Any traders not satisfying  safety/hygiene standards may be asked to leave site without a refund.

LPG: Only caterers may use Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).  Any LPG brought to the event will have to be stored in line with health and safety  regulations in the Purple Guide.  Other than LPG cylinders in use only 1 spare LPG cylinder should be stored at the unit. Additional cylinders should  be kept in the LPG compound provided by the event. Caterers will be responsible for removing any empty gas canisters at the end of the event.   Under no circumstances should gas canisters be left onsite.

Passes:  Traders are responsible for ensuring that they and their staff adhere to the published pass system. The festival cannot accept responsibility  of traders who do not adhere to the system or lose their passes. Trading staff without passes will not be admitted to the event

Your Booking:  If at any time you fail to meet health and safety requirements and are thus ruled ineligible to exhibit by the event safety officer, your  fees will not be refunded and the promoter will not be held liable for any costs you have incurred in connection with the event.  This is also the case  of any traders who fail to produce the required H&S paperwork in advance of the event, within the requested timelines.

Alcohol: No alcoholic beverages may be sold by traders.

Items not permitted on site: glass (any glass), body‐piercing equipment, generators, lasers, fireworks, weapons or potential weapons, items  associated with legal highs. None of the above are permitted on site and will be confiscated by security personnel if found. Traders must co‐operate  fully with festival security in any search of vehicles or stalls.

Animals: No animals are allowed at the festival. Any found may be impounded at the owner’s expense.

Amplified Music: No amplified music or PA systems are permitted.s.

Fires: No open fires allowed.

Sub‐contracting:  Sub‐contracting stalls or parts of stalls is not permitted.

Goods & Services Description: Traders must only sell goods specified in their price lists/menus submitted with their application.

Security:  Although there will be security personnel on site, it will be your responsibility to ensure the security of your stall, both during your  presence there and if you leave the stall unmanned. The festival promoter takes no responsibility for theft, loss or damage to traders’ vehicles,  goods, cash or possessions. The promoter will not be liable for any actions or expenses on account of or in respect of any damage or injury caused.

Agreement: I agree to abide by the terms and conditions for trading at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival as detailed in this document if allocated a  trading pitch.

By Downloading the form you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions detailed above.

TH17 Concessions Application Form