Lovat Shinty Club Charity Appeal

Bella has chosen as its lead cause this year our local shinty club’s bid to build a new pavilion to replace its 40-year-old club house.

Camanachd Cup winning Lovat Shinty Club is one of the pillars of our local community, with a strong social element augmenting the sporting side which in turn offers an extensive youth initiative for over 60 boys and girls and supports a successful ladies’ team.

The new pavilion will provide a community hub with rooms for hire and a treatment room for NHS clinics, plus male and female changing rooms, a social space, and a kitchen.

Please help us to help Lovat to realise the dream. It means so much to so many people in the local community from which your festival springs.

You can donate at https://www.justgiving.com/lovatshintyclub

For further information please contact

Linda Bell

Kerri MacDonald

Callum Cruden