Joe Gibbs is ready to open the door once again to the stunning Belladrum Estate, for what will be the 13th Tartan Heart Festival.  Along with many new surprises on site, this year will see something a bit special added to the line-up.

This year is the launch of the new and official Belladrum Estate Tartan.  For those attending, they will be the first to have access to a new range of merchandise.

The design was approved and made official by the Keeper of the tartans at the Edinburgh based Scottish Register of Tartans on the 1st July.  Until now, it has been kept top secret and is certainly in keeping with the events theme this year on superstition.

A tartan design was always something that Joe wanted to create for his estate, and of course with the aptly titled music festival, Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, is was only a matter of time before this creative project was put into action.

Joe Gibbs said, “Many people who come to Bella have been meeting each other here for years. In a sense we have become a clan. So we thought: let’s design a tartan for everyone who feels part of the clan Bella. It took the genius of Clare CAMPBELL at Prickly Thistle to come up with a wonderful tartan and to realise the whole dream.

The inspiration behind the tartan has been influenced by two key elements.  The Estate landscape, which provided a colour palette based on the ancient green forests and native lichens that can be seen for miles.  Secondly, the passion and pride the generations of Estate owners have always held close to their heart.  Signified by the contrasting russet red of the design.  With the music festival being a key event in the Estate calendar the tartan launch had to be on the line-up also.

PRICKLY-THISTLE-RGBThe tartan designer who worked with Joe is Clare Campbell, a founder of Prickly Thistle.  Since October 2015 she has been working with clients in the UK and North America, promoting a specialism in custom designs and custom product collections, where story forms the very essence of both components.

For Clare working with Joe on the Belladrum Estate Tartan has been a privilege, given the high profile of the Estate and of course being a festival attendee for many years with her family.

A shared passion for the Highland region is also common between both businesses and both are very excited to see how demand for this new tartan design grows over time along with some interesting and creative products to come to life.

So another chapter in the “Tartan” Heart Story of Belladrum Estate has been written.